Women Leading IITM (WLI)

Women Leading IITM is a program to Nurture, Develop and Support women talent at IITM along their study/professional career. This program is being funded by an endowment from some of our US alumni with the overarching goal of achieving a more gender-balanced and nurturing campus.

Starting Jan’2021, grants will be available for proposals with focus on Attracting, Developing, and Supporting women Students, Faculty and Staff. Details of the call for Proposals and timelines are given below.

In conversations with women across IITM & Alumni, many areas were voiced out as possible enablers to equip women and provide opportunities for women faculty members to reach their true potential:

Women Faculty

Support grants as necessary for enabling mentoring and networking opportunities towards sustainable career advancement.

Post Docs

Potential WFH/part-time opportunities to attract more women post docs

Ph.D. Scholars

Provide mentoring & exposure to development opportunities, extend grants to 6th year for women returning from maternity


Programs to increase awareness on gender diversity benefits and challenges, fostering a safe and supportive culture across IITM, enabling women at every stage of academic /professional career, enhancing childcare facility/timings, Travel grants for young children to accompany their mother to conferences, well-being initiatives for women.

Now we have an opportunity to create proposals, whose outcomes can potentially provide a strong foundation to a broad set of initiatives for nurturing women talent at IITM


1. The program is open to all full-time faculty members of the Institute.

2. Project proposal should be for around one year duration, with impact/deliverables within that period.

3. Can be across any of the Recruit-Secure-Promote-Nurture-Support women talent at IITM

4. Approved project will be operated as an ICSR project.

5. Students/staff/faculty across all disciplines are invited to apply. Students/scholars can propose projects. However, they should identify a faculty mentor as PI.

6. Details of WLI endowment is available at

7. Proposal forms are available at


01-31 Jan’21 – Call for WLI Proposals to Accelerate Recruit-Develop-Support Women talent

01-28 Feb’21 – Review of Proposals, shortlist, and interaction with PIs

08-Mar-21 – Announcement of selected Projects & grant allocation

01-Apr-21 – Commencement of Projects

Jun’21 – Feb’22 Midterm & End of Project reviews (based on project timelines)

01-Mar – 22 – Overall report or Projects executed.

08-Mar-22 – Donors/advisors call with WLI grantees to summarize Project outcome and impact.